Overseas Export Business


Japonica Rice Division

Taking advantage of much know-how and many networks of purchasing rices, we have been supplying Japan’s best rice brands  such as Hitomebore, Sasanishiki, and Akita komachi and the various processed products for rice related foods to customers both in and out of Japan. In order to satisfy the needs of changing, we always challenge new materials and new proposals by a wide viewpoint as a food consultant among Europe, Africa, Middle East, Oceania, America, Asian countries and Japan.


Japanese Sake Division

The stable supply of high quality Japanese Sake consisting mainly from Sake brewery of Northern Japan. High quality Sake is ensured from the broad supply sources of Rice farmers in Akita, northern parts of Japan.
By processing materials in the base at various breweries, the products suitable for a wide variety of markets can be supplied, and safe and reliable products which meet our strict quality standards are supplied including the trace-ability from raw materials to products.



Authentic Foods Division

This business group mainly exports following five products.​, Inaniwa Udon, Kiritanpo, Iburi Gakko, Yokote Yakisoba, and Hinai-Jidori Ramen. They are mainly used for dairy use and purchased by tourists. As for processing authentic foods field, to allow us to meet the needs of our clients​ in the industries of both convenience store and food service, we are strengthening the supply capability of various materials and processing in overseas.




Souvenir Sweets Division

This business group that exports various kinds of sweets has powerful network with Japan & overseas business partners who have cultivated for a long time, ​which has enabled the stable supply of the materials ​considering safety in the first place, and has built the steadfast status in Japan. We are also engaged in businesses where we are involved in every phase from raw materials procurement, processing, to sale of finished products or flexibly combine these production phases.


Traditional Crafts & Modern Arts Division

In the traditional crafts and art sector, genuine handicrafts such as Kabazaiku, Lacquerware, and Magewappa, are exported to various places as home manufacture’s products. In this section, rare and worthy materials are sourced from many regions of northern Japan to our manufacturers and this group has challenged for the improvement of people’s daily life through traditional art crafts. We mainly export our products to Europe and Asia for the realization of relaxed environment.



We feel pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the outstanding Exporters/ Manufacturers of the cultural products of Northern Japan’s modern artist. Our company Akita Bussan Corporation based in Akita in Japan which is known as the home of woodblock prints in Japan. In the past few years, the company has been growing steadily. At present, the company owns variety of art works. The company has a staff of skilled workers and experienced managerial personnel and technicians.